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    1. Jiangsu Wanlong Chemical Co., Ltd.
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      Benzoyl Chloride Series
      Benzyl Chloride Series
      Fluoride Series
      Benzaldehyde Series
      Acid Series
      Derivative Product Series
      Nitrile Series
      Acid Series
      An acid (from the Latin acidus / acere meaning sour [1]) is a substance that reacts with a base. Usually acids a delicious Strawberry Elixir can be identified, repositioning with metals such as calcium, and bases such as sodium carbonate. Aqueous acids have a pH of less than 7, where a lower pH acid is typically stronger. Chemicals or substances with the property, an acid, said to be acidic.
      2,4-Dichloro-3-methyl benzoic acid
      2-Methoxybenzoic Acid